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The Best Way to Download Gamestop Digital Gift Card Online

I was going to do that through Best Buy but it seems that since January 2019 it's no longer allowed to use Best Buy gift cards to buy any digital content/gift cards on the store. So that's why I'm cautious about Gamestop.

how to download gamestop digital gift card

A digital download can be ordered directly from the Gamestop website. This will give you access to the game of choice directly online. Instead of waiting for a disc to arrive in the mail to play, you can play directly from your computer using a code from Gamestop.

You will need to choose digital download and complete the orders as you would with any other purchase from Gamestop. Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from Gamestop. This email will contain the precise information you need to complete your download.

This code is only available for one-time use. The computer that you download the game on will be the only one you are able to use to play the game. If you want to play the game on an additional computer, you will need to purchase another digital download code.

If you use a gift card, the purchase can be completed in the same manner as you would if you were paying with a credit or debit card. Gamestop gift cards are available in-store, online, or from Amazon.

How do Gamestop digital downloads work? You can order PC digital downloads directly from the Gamestop website. When you choose a game, make sure you choose the digital format before completing your order. Once the order has been placed, Gamestop will process the purchase. When your purchase is processed, a confirmation email will be sent to you with a code for downloading.

This email could take between 24 and 48 hours to arrive. When it does, it will contain the code you need for your game and a link or PDF where you can download it. Follow the instructions in your email to learn how to successfully download your new PC game. Keep in mind, that all Gamestop digital codes are one-time use only on one computer.

GameStop has made a ton of effort to make sure it provides a satisfactory experience for customers looking to purchase digital goods. For games on Sony platforms, the process is simple. GameStop will sell people codes for specific DLC. Players can then take that home and enter it into their system, and the content automatically starts downloading. On Xbox systems, people can say they want certain DLC, and GameStop will sell them an Xbox Live gift card with money to get that expansion.

Of course, if you get a $15 Xbox Live gift card to purchase a $15 map pack for Call of Duty, that might not work because of tax. GameStop has figured this out. At all of its retail locations, the store associate asks what the customers wants to buy, and then it will calculate the full cost, including tax. The customer will then get a card with that exact amount of money and not a penny more.

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If you want to add items to your Apple Wallet using a Mac or iPad, you'll first need to ensure that your Wallet data is syncing between your devices via iCloud. Otherwise, any cards or coupons you add won't appear on your iPhone unless you add them directly from your iPhone. However, it's a good idea to toggle this on even if you only plan to add new Wallet items using your iPhone, since this also ensures all your coupons, gift cards, and rewards cards are backed up separately in iCloud.

Step 4: If you're using an iPhone, the Wallet app will open up with your coupon, gift card, or reward card displayed. On an iPad or Mac, you'll get a pop-up window that shows the item has been added to Apple Wallet; it may take a few seconds before it syncs from there to your iPhone via iCloud.

Some gift card or coupon providers require you to use their apps to add a card to Wallet. If you don't see an Add to Apple Wallet button or QR code with the coupon or card itself, then you'll likely need to add it using that company's app. This typically has to be done with the brand's iPhone app, rather than from an iPad or Mac, but that can vary depending on how the company has set things up.

Step 8: Once you're signed in to your account, look for your rewards card, gift card, or coupon in the app. Many third-party apps provide a way to display your card or coupon directly in the app, where you'll often find an Add to Wallet button right alongside it. If it's not on the main screen, dig a bit deeper into the details or settings for that particular card and look for the option there.

PowerUp Rewards members will see a $5 off GameStop coupon in their account within the 1st week of every month. This rewards credit can be used on most everything GameStop sells both online and in-store, except for GameStop gift cards and downloadable in-game credits.

There's now more action, more free games, and more PlayStation Plus plans. Check out the studded June 2023 game lineup including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, Yazuka: Like A Dragon, Little Nightmares, and more. Use a PlayStation gift card towards GameStop's PlayStation Plus memberships, and choose the best plan for you for as low as $5/month.

This Android app pays you to play online games. Mistplay launched in 2017 to create the opportunity to play games and earn points toward free gift cards from online retailers like Amazon, PSN, Xbox, Google Play gift cards, and more.

Unlike the rest of the options in this category, the only way to earn rewards and gift cards with Mistplay is by playing games, but it's completely free to download, join, and play. Easy money, not a bad gig, huh? That's what makes it our #1 top suggestion for how to earn free gift cards.

Users can play games, open paid emails, and take surveys online with the InboxDollars app. The platform sets itself apart because it pays users with cash rather than points and pays directly via PayPal, or offers Amazon gift cards.

MyPoints is one of the most established small task sites in the industry. Download the app to start earning points towards gift cards for each purchase made from your favorite brands. Cash out your points for gift cards, or transfer to your PayPal account.

Exchange your points for skins, games, gift cards, or cryptocurrencies. Idle-Empire supports different markets allowing you to withdraw skins for popular games, including CS:GO and TF2. Typically, you can redeem your gift card within 24 hours.

Another great way to earn free gift cards is by taking surveys online. If you have time to kill during your commute or find yourself scrolling while watching TV, online surveys are a great option for you.

Once you signup, answer a few questions so Branded Surveys can determine which surveys will be a good fit for you, and start earning. Redeem your points for cash or choose from over 100 gift card options, plus get 100 bonus points when you signup.

PrizeRebel strives to provide members with thousands of surveys, fast delivery of gift cards, and a low payout threshold (only $5). Survey inventory is updated in real-time so there are always new surveys to complete, and there is no fee to signup and start earning.

After you complete a survey, points are instantly loaded into your account. An average survey pays out around 10 points, but some can be worth as much as 250 points. Once you earn enough points, redeem them for PayPal cash or gift cards. OneOpinion also has a Member Services team available for support.

Rakuten pays its members each quarter. You can redeem your account balance for free gift cards from their large catalog, enter your PayPal information to receive automatic deposits, or opt to receive a check in the mail.

Formerly named Cartwheel, the Target App is one of the most popular free gift card generators around. Sign-up for a Target account, download the app, and check for deals while you shop in-store or online.

Do you have Comcast for internet, television, or phone? Did you know you can earn free gift cards simply by referring a friend? If you have a friend looking to swap services, hook them up with Xfinity, and cash in on up to $175 worth of Visa gift cards.

Looking to buy a new mattress? Casper has a refer-a-friend program that helps you and a friend sleep better at night. Get one friend to purchase a new mattress using your unique referral link, and earn a $100 Amazon gift card. In addition, your friend will get a 20% discount on their purchase.

Sam's Club members can earn a $10 gift card for every new member you refer. Sure, $10 won't get you too far in this warehouse club, but if you're already a member, it will come in handy next time you go to stock up.

Receiving gift cards to random stores you'll never shop at or restaurants you hate is a bummer, but you don't have to let them sit in a drawer collecting dust. Instead, trade in your unwanted gift cards for one you'll actually use.

You'll definitely want to check out Gift Card Granny if you purchase gift cards online. You'll earn points for each gift card you buy, plus earn five points each day by reading their daily newsletter and downloading their Chrome extension. Share a coupon or gift card deal with Gift Card Granny to earn even more points.

What makes Gift Card Granny unique is that they search the price listings of several other gift card discounters like Raise and Giftcard Zen. So not only does Granny give you points for shopping, but she finds the best deals for you as well.

Most cashback credit cards will allow you to exchange your credit card points for gift cards. It's simple, login into your credit card account and navigate to your rewards section to redeem your points.

Instead of giving your friends and relatives specific gift ideas for holidays and birthdays ask them for gift cards from your most frequented stores. An even better option is a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere just like a debit card.

Instagram marketing has become a popular means for brands to increase their visibility. Many brands offer giveaways that often incorporate gift cards. Entry typically requires you to like their user profile and share the giveaway. Seek out brands you love on social media and sign-up for these opportunities whenever you see them.

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