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London Eye Buy Tickets Online Extra Quality

It is possible to buy tickets that will combine your trip on the London Eye with restaurant deals, hotel deals or theatre shows. For details on how to book this online, check the Official London Eye Website Packages page. Here you will find details on how to book the tickets and what deals you can get.

london eye buy tickets online


RememberDon't forget, the tickets that you buy for the London Eye will include a free trip to the London Eye 4D Experience. For a description of what this is about and when you can use it, see our London Eye General Guide.

Online: got to the Official London Eye Website and click on the tickets section. Here you can choose the exact ticket that you want to buy and book in advance. It is worth noting that, for some tickets, there are discounts if you book online - see below for more details.

Please note that the prices quoted here are for London Eye tickets if you make your purchases online. In general prices are slightly higher if you buy them at the ticket office (normally 10%, but for exact figures see the Official London Eye Website).

It is worth noting that if you book your tickets online rather than at the booking office you will automatically get a discount of anywhere between 10 and 18 percent. This will depend on what ticket you choose to but - to find out which tickets offer the largest discounts it is best to keep an eye on the Official London Eye Website.

You can also get discounts on selected London hotels, restaurants, shows and attractions (Madame Tussauds, the London Dungeon, the London Aquarium when you buy a ticket for the London Eye. For details of the options, see the Official London Eye Website packages page and combination tickets page.

Visiting the London Eye will enable you to get to know the city and something that the family will enjoy. If you know you want to visit during your trip to London it is worth booking your tickets in advance - you will save money and avoid queues and confusion on the day. Use this page to choose the ticket type that best suits you and you should get the best from your visit.

A. The best way to purchase the London Eye tickets is to book them online. This way you get vouchers for great offers and can also reserve slots well in advance, granting access to the venue for the date of your choice.

A. Standard Experience tickets can be cancelled 24 hours in advance to get a full refund. Fast Track tickets cannot be canceled, amended or rescheduled once booked. And while many combo tickets have flexible cancellation policy, it also depends upon the experience selected.

A. You can buy tickets for the London Eye on the day but be prepared for a 30-minute long queue during peak times. On-the-spot ticket buyers are prioritized after online ticket holders. Moreover, booking on the day does not give you the chance to avail online discounts and offers.

Anyone wishing to visit will need to pre-book a ticket in advance, including multi-attraction tickets, flexi ticket holders and anyone with a promotional voucher. Please choose from one of the following options.

Part of the reason why the London Eye is the most visited paid tourist attraction in London is that it allows visitors to choose what kind of experience they want. With so many possible experiences, there are several options for getting tickets. This can make working out how and where to buy tickets for the London Eye a little challenging, so allow us to show you the different ways to get tickets based on the assortment of options out there.

The far smarter approach is to book tickets to the London Eye online. By booking in advance, you not only get the discounted price and the chance to choose your entry slot, you also have the peace of mind that all you have to do on the day is show up. All the tickets available online will help you avoid the line at the ticket desk, but the fastest way in is through the priority line available exclusively with skip-the-line tickets for the London Eye.

Tickets are available through the official website for the London Eye. While these tickets allow you to change the time of your visit, they are nonrefundable. That is why we recommend booking your tickets through this link, which allows you to buy both Standard and Fast Track tickets for essentially the same price, with the added benefit of free cancellation for a full refund up to 24 hours before your booking.

Visitors looking to do more sightseeing during their time in London and wishing to save money should look at the various ticket bundles available. These bundles combine entry to the London Eye with other popular attractions, offering you savings on the cost of buying tickets to each attraction individually.

There are all sorts of ticket bundles, but by far the most common is this bundle that offers Sea Life London tickets on top of entry to the London Eye. Also great value is this bundle that adds a ticket to Madame Tussauds to the previous bundle, getting you into these three attractions for a competitive price. These bundles and more are available for purchase through the official website, but again these links come with free cancellation and cost practically the same.

The other types of tickets available relate to special experiences you may wish to have. The Champagne Experience comes with a glass of champagne included in the ticket, while the Pub Pod experience lets you ride in a special pub-themed pod and comes with two drinks. These experiences include Fast Track entry through the priority line.

There are three factors that will decide how much your London Eye tickets cost. One is whether you book online or wait until you get there, as it is possible to get up to 20% off when booking online. The next factor is which kind of ticket to the London Eye you book. Finally, prices are influenced by demand and may go up on particularly busy days.

Prices for standard London Eye tickets begin at 29.50 for adults when booked online and 26 for children aged 3 to 15. Fast Track tickets are priced online from 39.50 for adults and 26 for children, and Flexi Fast Track tickets cost 50 for adults and 43.50 for children. Family tickets are also sometimes available; these cost 26 per adult and child, and cover a minimum of one adult and two children. Children under three enter free but still require a valid ticket.

If you just turn up on the day you will pay more for your ticket and how long you will have to wait will depend on when the next availability is and the ticket type you select. Child tickets are cheaper and a child is considered between the ages of 3-15 at the London Eye. Any child under 3 is free.

If you want to save money buying the online in advance tickets the earliest you can book is the week before your experience. Anything before this time, you will be charged at the normal walk up rate.

As with standard tickets there are two prices for fast track tickets: walk up and online in advance. The online tickets are always around 6 cheaper than walk-up tickets, which if you are buying multiple tickets, can add up.

However, very few visitors buy London Eye tickets in isolation. Great deals from third parties of all kinds are available - the best are those where you cannot identify how much exactly you are paying for the Madame Tussauds tickets hidden with in the package - thus neatly bypassing the London Eye best price guarantee for stand-alone tickets.

- Discounted combination London Eye tickets combining two or sometimes up to seven London attractions in one discounted package. Both third party discounters and Merlin who own London Eye offer these.

Note this cruise does not include a flight on the London Eye, however if you book through London Eye direct using the normal banner above you can purchase London Eye tickets in conjunction with the river cruise.

Golden Tours offer a similar hop-on bus service in London. They have put a package in place allowing you to buy London Eye tickets with a Golden Tours hop-on bus ticket for either 1-day or 24 hours. With this ticket you also get a free Thames River Cruise.

This is the official website of the London Eye. Standard tickets bought via the official website cost 32.50 GBP for adults (around $40 USD), and 29.50 (around $36 USD) for children between 3 and 15. This is the most budget friendly option.

You will have several options of receiving your tickets. You can get them via email and print them at home or download the PDF version on your smartphone, which can be scanned at the entrance. You can also pick up your ticket at the counter on the day of your visit, but for that you will be required to show your booking reference and the credit or debit card used to purchase the ticket. This is not a good option if you are in a rush.

If you want to buy all your attraction tickets at once and are looking for a chance to save some (well, not much really) money, you may want to opt for a city pass. Once you get the pass, you will have to book each attraction separately. These are the passes that include London Eye tickets.

Third party reseller sites will be the best place to look for last minute London Eye tickets. These sites buy tickets in bulks so you can always hope they have a spare one or count on some last minute cancellation.

Such is the case of the combined tickets for the London Eye and the Madame Tussauds Museum in London. In this post I tell you how you can buy combined tickets and how much you can save with them, among other things. Don't miss it!

This at the ticket office means long queues to try to buy tickets, so if you decide to get them there there is always the risk that they will be sold out quickly due to high demand and when your turn comes you will see the 'Sold Out' sign. In addition, you will have lost precious time of your trip to London waiting in line at the ticket office when you could be visiting one of the museums in London or taking a sightseeing bus tour of the city. 041b061a72

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