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In the southeastern portion of the Ribeira, the Cambrian Age Arcs (CAA) occurred between ca. 595 and 575Ma (Lillo et al. 2006 ; Mantovani et al. 2006 ). These sedimentary rocks were probably the result of an east-west extension of the plate margin, which resulted in the subduction of the Paranagu and Embu Terranes and the continental arc of Mongagu as well as the amalgamation of the Apia Terranes and the Gruta da Luz terranes (Alves et al. 2006 ; Silva and Brito Neves 2006 ). These CAA are associated with a dextral strike-slip deformation that involved the lower Curitiba, Molondoa and Araras terranes, as well as the Itariri Shear Zone and the southern portion of the Ribeira Belt (Fig. 1 ).

Zoneamento De Curitiba Pdf Download

In the northeastern portion of the Ribeira, the Cambrian Age Micromeanite Arcs (CAM) (Pino et al. 2005 ) were formed at the eastern border of the continental margin of the Lauria-Ionita Terrane (LIT). Between 560 and 480Ma, the cratonic arc of the Regista/Curitiba Terrane underwent tectonic-related movements that may have resulted from an interaction of the Lauia and LIT with the adjacent tectonic domains (Fig. 1 ; Mantovani et al. 2006 ).

The Neoproterozoic Age Serra do Mar Pedras Belt (SMPB) was formed during the amalgamation of the Brasil craton and the Nova Granada Plate in the middle Neoproterozoic time (Fig. 1 ). At the end of the Neoproterozoic, the Brasil Craton was subject to a sinistral extension at the Brazilian plate margin of about 7 to 15km/s associated with the ca. 565Ma compressional phase that caused the closure of the reservoir of the So FranciscoCongo Ocean (Figs. 1, 11, 12 ) and a subsequent northeastward-verging extension of some blocks of the Monge craton. Simultaneously, the Curitiba Plate moved northwards with respect to the SMPB (Casassus et al. 2003 ; Silva et al. 2004a ; Silva et al. 2004b ; Silva et al. 2005a, b ). During this extension, the South China microplate moved southwards relative to the African craton (Liddle et al. 1998 ; Sheehan and Zhang 2004 ; Zhang et al. 2005 ). The collision of the Monge and Brasil cratons with the SMPB may have been coeval with the Curitiba-Lauria extension (Hackspacher and Dandeker 1998 ; Liddicoat et al. 2003 ; Silva et al. 2005b ).

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